Hi Peeps! On friday 31st of March i was given the priveledge of hosting the Patoranking Concert in Gothenburg, Sweden. The start of the night was rocky, a lot had gone wrong, people were getting pist backstage, misunderstandings led into fights or disrespectful speech, the timeline i was suppose to get was nowhere to be found, my co-host was nowhere insight, people where asking me questions i couldn’t possibly answer and the organiser could not be reached on the phone. There i was with a full audience, annoyed about how late the show was starting and me confused about what to do.

It was then a friend suggested i drink some alcohol to calm my nerves, luckily for me one of the Girls in the dance group came with a bottle of white wine and offered me a whole lot of it. After the wine, i felt calm as my friend had suggested and took things into my own hands. With the help of that friend, we started the show, we created our own timeline with the help of the artist and dancers, who decided between themselves when they should go up, how many songs they should perform, how many minutes they should be on stage etc.

Finally, the was some structure as to how things should be done and everything was going as planned. However, that was not my only problem, i had Family, Friends and other Promoters in the crowd who had come to see me host, one of them being my elder brother, who is not only my biggest fan but also my worst critic. During the whole show, he was there pushing me with feedback on what i was doing right, what i was doing wrong and how to get better. Together with my friend and brother, i pulled off one of my most challenging show yet. I left the Concert with people coming upto me and congratulating me on my performance, promoters congratulating and telling me i was good at connecting with the growd, getting a personal thank you from patoranking on welcoming him well on stage and a big thank you from the organizer on saving the night. All in all it was a SUCCESS!!!

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Laugh when you can, Apologise when you should and let go of what you can’t change.


Ngwi Ayim

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  1. Awa Muchane

    11th April 2017 at 10:01 pm

    So great of you Ngwi. I am impressed by your talent. But there is one thing about life. Humans are like a nation that has the sole responsibility to decide on its own destiny. Once more I am so impressed. Keep the show buzz moving.

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