Rygg Biff at restuarang Simb


Coctails (passion fruit + Tropical Rum Punch)
Coctails (passion fruit + Tropical Rum Punch)

March 15th 2017 made me 21 years old and what better way to celebrate that than having dinner with Close friends. I thought of having a party but couldn’t be bothered with all the work that comes with arranging parties, plus i have been celebrating all my previous birthdays with parties, so this year i decided to do something different. I decided to visit an Ethiopian Restuarant in Gothenburg, i’d Heard so many positive reviews about it and couldn’t wait to try it out. The food and drinks were so fresh, tasty and delicious. I have visited so many restuarants in Gothenburg but i have to say Restuarant Simba has stolen my heart. Click here for booking or extra information on Restuarant Simba.

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Ngwi Ayim


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